MXQ Pro Review

Review of the MXQ Pro Android Box

Before I give a comprehensive Review of the MXQ Pro android box. I just want to share a short history how these Android boxes came into being. Our TV experience have gotten real good over the past couple of years, thanks to the improvement in technology. Chief among the them,
faster internet speeds, moving from Dial Up to DSL to Cable
broadband and  now Fiber to home.

This allows allows greater efficiency in
delivering media over the internet. In addition to that, the Operating
systems like  Android OS gave rise to the development of
robust application( or Apps). Put all that together and you can fit
all that technology in a small little box.


While there are so many boxes on the market to confuse you. Prices
ranges from as high as $199 (such as the Nvidia Shield) to a low of
$25. while I do like the experience that the Rokus and the Fire tv
gives, what if I can get an equipment at those same price points as
the above mentioned devices and which also gives me the option of
personalizing my TV experience. This is where a device like the MXQ
Pro comes in.



The Fully Loaded MXQ Pro

Specs: 8GB internal memory, Android 7.1, USB and SD card port

Pros: excellent 4k video quality, easy to use and attractive menu display

Cons: no Bluetooth Connectivity

Best place to buy: Ebay, Amazon

The MXQ Pro is one of the most popular Android tv boxes on the
market. It is reasonably priced at around $38 on both Ebay and
Amazon. The latest version is 4K ready and come fully loaded with a
lot of Apps that allows you to watch free TV from all over the world and
outside of North America.

With Apps like FilmOn, you are able to watch live TV channels with or
without a subscription. According to which market you are in, it can
give you over 200 Channels and another 300 paid subscription channels
from all over the world and also Kodi, an open source media player that
allows you to play your movies or music.

With the aid of add-ons, you can also view free or paid streams. Plex which allows you to have
access to your video library when your on the go, Crackle which is a
movie app from Sony that lets you watch free content from the Sony
movie catalogue and also original series. In addition to that , there
is also the usual Netflix and YouTube and any other app you want to
download from the Google Play store.



It is also 4K so as long as you have a 4K TV, you will be able to experience all those 4k Netflix Streams, it has a built in  WiFi. However, I do prefer to use the Ethernet port for a better streaming experience. the Main reason why I do have a preference for these android boxes is the ability to to add more storage. the MXQ Pro comes with SD card slot and four USB slot for external storage.

Do you own an Android box or would prefer to check out other Streaming Devices first before making a decision. If you are interested in getting one, click here or here. Apart from the MXQ Pro, what other boxes, devices or services do you like? let me what you think by leaving your comments below and  Subscribe to my mailing list to get updates.






  1. Trying to get a decent cable service these days is quite competitive and there some good ones on the market, i am still using sky, but i am inquisitive about the MXO PRO. It has all the attributes that i am looking for if i ever decide to update my equipment. I see you have advertised for the US market i was wondering if it is obtainable in the UK and who would sell it.?

  2. Thanks so much for this very informative article on the Android Box MXQ Pro. I’ve been wanting to purchase an Android box for a long time now, but there are so many to choose from and I don’t know what features to look for.

    I do have one question. I don’t have a 4K tv. Will this still work for me?

  3. I liked your content, and it gave me lots of good information to think about. For me, it was an education about what an android box is. This was put together well, and it allows for the reader to make an informed decision about what system will work for him/her.

  4. Very informative article! One thing you say here is very true: There are so many boxes out there that it gets confusing which one to pick. I don’t have 4K TV yet, hopefully in the future. The MXQ Pro sounds like a great box. This is definitely the future and cable better start getting nervous.

    • thanks Kevin, i just wanna tell you though the picture quality does look great even on a normal HD 1080p tv, i myself don’t have a 4k tv yet either

  5. Hello Oneil, thanks for sharing this blog with us. I am looking for the perfect android box for when I move into my own place, and this would be perfect for me. I have a laptop, and I need to do my work on it on the go, so I will need the internet access. Thanks again, and I wish you the best of luck within your niche!!!

  6. This is an interesting option! I know very little about all the streaming devices so this has increased my awareness of the choices.
    I guess my next tv will be a 4K. Now I have to go look that up lol.

  7. MXQ Pro sounds like a really great deal. I live out in the country so the only real choices I have for TV are Dish or Direct. My internet speed isn’t very high either to support some boxes like sling TV. Would this be an issue with the MXQ Pro as well?

    • Well you didn’t say what your internet speed was Melissa. however, where am at am only getting 20mbs and am not experiencing any problems. it also depends on what you are watching because some streams may not come across perfectly which may because of the source of the video fault not the speed of the connection.

  8. I have been using the M8 box for quite some time and it is becoming a little outdated and hard to update. I have been looking at a different box that is more updated and more easily updated. This box has a really great price! I noticed on my previous box there was a lot of issues with stable wifi and I ended having to use ethernet to keep a good connection. What is the wifi like on this box? Do you have specific specs?
    Thank you

  9. Hi Oneil, you have a great review here, I have been using Roku for our media streaming and find it to be pretty good, we also have cable with Xfinity, which is more the internet than tv. There is just way too much out there to watch that one could waste there day away if one was not careful. LOL
    Thanks for the article,

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