Hot Toys of Christmas 2018

Shopping for toys can be a very daunting task. With so many options to choose from, how will you know which ones to buy? Even if your kids tells you which toys to get for them, as an adult, sometimes you will not even have a clue what they are talking about. This is a list of the hot toys of Christmas 2018. Most of them are not necessarily new, but they are extremely popular and kids can’t wait to own these toys all for themselves. In no particular order, I am sure one of these toys is on your little one’s list.

1. AirHog Supernova flying Orb


Picture of the AirHog Supernova

The Airhog Supernova is a mini drone encased in a plastic shell for protection. It has four blades which allows it to fly and is only controlled by hand gestures, it doesn’t have a remote and cannot be controlled by a smartphone or take pictures like a drone. Just switch it on and it starts hovering above the ground. The Supernova is shipped with Hand
gesture instruction for you to tell it how you want it to fly. There are also tons of videos online for you to see some of the amazing things people are doing with it. Go Here for more product info


2.The Barbie Careers Baby Doctor and The Barbie
play set


Barbie Careers Baby Doctor Playset


The Barbie Baby Doctor allows your child to explore the world of medicine with this colorful playset. Barbie Baby Doctor doll does double duty with an exam station that features two tubs with two adorable babies, a moving mobile and storage space and also a stethoscope. Barbie Baby doctor is suitable for children 3 and up. Get yours Here

Barbie 2 in 1 Ambilace PlaysetThe Barbie Ambulance is a two in one playset
that doubles both as an ambulance and a hospital. Simply
lift the lever at the back of the vehicle to instantly transform it into a care clinic more than 2 feet wide! Both sides open to reveal three distinct play spaces: a check-in area with pop-up reception desk and swivel chair, a waiting room with a surprise gift shop hidden behind the television and an exam room with an x-ray machine that doubles as a vision chart, plus a “rolling” exam bed that adjusts from flat to seated (just like a real one). Your little one will never get bored with this any time soon. you can pick one up right Here


3. Baby Alive Snackin Noodles Baby


Baby Alive Snackin Noodles doll

Baby Alive turns mommy and daddy moments into a magical world of play,
The Baby Alive Snackin’ Noodles Baby doll is a sweet little girl who
asks for her noodles! She comes with an extruder
and a bowl so kids can load it with re-usable doll food to turn it
into noodles. Fill her bowl and feed her the noodles, then, it’s time
for a diaper change – kids can open the diaper to see that she’s
“stooled” and clean her up for more play time fun. Tickle
her belly and she’ll start talking. Flip the switch in her back to
choose who she’s speaking with. The Snackin’ Noodles Baby doll tells
kids when she’s hungry, asks for pretend noodles, thanks Mommy or
Daddy, and more, saying 20 plus sounds and phrases in English or
Spanish. Available in different ethnicity. Pick one up Here.


4. Crayola Scribble Scrubbie Color & Wash Collectible Toy Pets, All-in-One Set

Crayola Scribble Scubbie coloring playset

Kids will have a wonderful time coloring, Wash and Recolor
four fluffy adorable pets. The little would-be groomers can customize again and again. They have soft coats that are fun to pet and can easily wash clean with water and a little scrub. Create new vibrant coats for these playful doodle toys as often as you like. Birthday parties are more fun with this delightful coloring activity, and it makes a great holiday toy for kids, ages 3 & up. Get yours Here.


5. Don’t Step In It. Blindfolded, poop-dodging Fun Game set.

Don't Step in it family Game set

This is a new and very exciting game from Hasbro that is sure to bring
some fun to your holiday gathering. In this game, players
try not to step in the poops as they walk along the mat while wearing
a blindfold. This laugh-out-loud game is for ages 4 and up, and easy and fun to play. Get the fun started by getting yours Here


6. Hatchimals and Hatchibabies Colleggtibles

Hatchimal Collegtibles

What will you hatch today! Hatchimals and Hatchibabies Colleggtibles
has been a hit so far and it wont be any different for this holiday
season. Hatchimals are Fluffy adorable toys and other figures that
comes in colored speckle eggs. You can rub it, shake it or tap it to
try to get it to hatch. Seeing what is inside is always a surprise.
They are are available in 2s, 10 and even 30pcs. They were originally
geared for kids 6 – 8, but all age groups seemed to fall in love
with these enchanting robotic figures. Start your “colleggtion”  Here


7. Funko POP figures


Everyone is a fan of Something! These are mini figures that comes in
various characters. From comics and superheroes to Disney and Sports
team characters. They are now a collectors items. The most expensive
ones went for $1000 recently. I wont be surprised if one day Funko
will do a full length movie based on their toys similar to what Lego
did, as their YouTube videos are just awesome. This Holiday, gifting
a Funko figure will be a sure winner. Go Here to see the ones you’d like to get.


8. The LOL Surprise Doll House

LOL Surprise Doll House

The LOL Surprise house is approximately three feet tall and comes with 85 surprises. This house is made from real wood, 3 stories, 6 rooms, and a working elevator! The
outside patio includes a real pool for cold water, hot tub for warm water and a sandbox for L.O.L Surprise! Pets. The first floor includes a living room with a real working lamp and kitchen with table, chairs and refrigerator. The 2nd floor includes a bedroom and bathroom. Bedroom includes bunk beds and a bassinet. Bathroom features a toilet that makes flushing sounds and a bathtub with purple rain. The 3rd floor’s massive walk-in closet includes a fashion rack with hangers for all your dolls’ outfits and a vanity
with working drawers for storage! Dolls can take the spiral staircase to the rooftop, which has a helipad and patio that changes from day to night! get full details Here


9. Razor E175 Motorized 24V Rechargeable Electric Powered Kids Scooter

Razor 24 volt motorized E175 Motorized scooter

The popular E175 scooter is designed for ages 8 and up and features a
kid sized deck and frame constructed out of high strength materials.
The scooter reaches speeds of up to 10 miles per hour and provides up
to 40 minutes of continuous use. Has a load bearing weight of up to
120 pounds and uses a 24volt rechargeable battery. Bring joy and excitement to your littles one by picking one up Here.


10. Sony PlayStation Classic Edition Mini Console w/ 20 Games

PlayStaion mini Classic

The PlayStation turns 25 this year and to
commemorate this milestone, Sony is releasing the mini version of the
original console – The PlayStation Classic. The console will
come pre-loaded with 20 classic titles, including fan-favorites such
as Final Fantasy VII, Jumping Flash, Ridge Racer
Type 4
, Tekken 3, and Wild Arms. This highly anticipated game console won’t be available untill after December 3, you can pre-order with one of these sellers.


11. Monopoly: Fortnite Edition Board Game

Monopoly Fortnite board game

Fortnite the video game is hugely popular right now. This edition
of the Monopoly game is inspired by the popular Fortnite video game.
This game is not about what players own; it’s about how long they
can survive. In this thrilling edition of the Monopoly game, players
claim locations, battle opponents, and avoid the Storm to survive.
This will be a great gift for all Fortnite enthusiast. Get yours Here,


12. Magformers Magnetic Construction set

Magformers Magnetic building blocks

Magformers is the leading magnetic construction toy, proven to inspire children’s creativity
and assist with 3D brain development. Each
set contains various pieces in simple geometric shapes: triangles, squares, rhomboids and many other shapes that can easily connect only using the power of the built-in magnets. Available in 30pcs up to a high of 400pcs. enhance your child’s creativity and imagination by picking one up Here.

There you go, just some of the hottest selling toys of 2018 right now. Do you plan on getting any of these any time soon? which toy are you planning on getting? let me know in the comments below.

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