1. I feel like I have just put my toe in the water looking for cable alternatives. I’ve got a Roku stick and an Amazon Fire stick. I’m definitely cutting the cable cord but I still feel the need to do more investigating especially about local channel availability.
    What are your suggestions as the best ways to see local TV both commerical and PBS types? Because of my location, I’m in the country, so the antenna route is iffy at best
    Thanks, Jim

    • Hey Jim, i do understand that not all Digital Antennas will work for every location. However for persons in live out in the country and have good internet speeds, there are three options i can think of that will give you locals.

      Slingtv – which is a streaming service from Dishnetwork

      Directv Now – which is a streaming service from Directv

      and Youtube TV paid service from Youtube

      these streaming services does give you locals, because of contractual agreements between companies, you may not get them because of your location. They are subscription services but they are way cheaper than cable and requires no contract.

      i hope i answered your question…thanks for checking out my blog

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