Kodi Android App – What is it


Name : Kodi Android App for Android streaming TV Boxes

Website: https://kodi.tv/

Price: FREE

Owners: It is an open source software. However, it is managed by the XBMC foundation

Rank: 8/10




Kodi – What is it


Kodi is a comprehensive media player and entertainment hub that has the ability to work on Android as well Apple, Windows, and Linux OS devices and is able to play music, videos, movies, podcast and also stream content from the internet. The Kodi Android App usually comes preloaded on almost every android TV boxes. However, you can also download it from the website. It was first known as Xbox Media Center (XBMC), first developed to be used on the Xbox gaming console back in 2002 but later changed to Kodi in 2014.


Although it is popular on Android devices, it can also work on other proprietary devices such as Roku and Amazon streaming devices. Installing Kodi on these other devices may not be as straight forward as just downloading the app from google play store, but there are tons instruction on the internet to show you how to install it on those devices as well, just in case you already own one of those or planning to get one.


Who is Kodi For



Kodi is compatible with almost every video file format on the planet. So if you want one place or one software to play all your movies, view pictures and play your music catalogue, Kodi is right for you. It has the ability connect to any local or network attached storage device. It shows the metadata for all your files for easy identification. Navigation is easy with its very attractive and user-friendly environment.


In addition to playing your local media, the most exciting part of it is that with the aid of Add-Ons, you can also stream live TV and other online content.


How does it work



Once you install Kodi on your device, it is empty, it doesn’t come preloaded with anything. The easy to use menu on the left allows you to add content to get started. The easy to navigate menu allows you to add movies, tv shows, music, photos from your USB or remote storage. The App itself is automatically connected to its own Repository. The Repository carries over 960 Apps or Add-Ons as that is what they are popularly known as, and more gets added from time to time. so the repository is like Kodi’s own app store.




Within the Repository, there are Add-Ons for almost everything from live TV, movies, music, and weather forecasts. Some of the most popular examples are Pluto TV which has live feeds from Bloomberg and RT international, news feeds from CNBC and also Movies. Crackle which is a movie app that shows content from Sony. BBC player that shows content from the BBC and so on. Some Add-Ons are geographically specific, which means the content within the Add-on app will only work according to where you reside. For example, the Crackle Add-on will only work in the USA Canada.


Also, there are Add-Ons from YouTube, Reddit, Cnet and other various video and audio podcasts. Add-Ons from Netflix and Amazon will be available in the future. Add-Ons can be installed and uninstalled at anytime. The repository are constantly updated and Kodi automatically fetch these updates to your device whenever new ones are available. Most of these content within these Add-Ons are absolutely free, there are others like Netflix and FilmOn and some Amazon content that will require a subscription to access some programs and features.







While the App is easy to use, whether you want to play movies or music from your local storage. You will not have any major problems there. However, the online content is a different story. Sometimes content providers will remove your their Add-Ons (which may be one of your favorites) without any prior notice, or some live streams from an Add-on are not available for viewing in your area.


Apart from availability issues, some live or recorded streams may not come through smoothly or may be inconsistent. However, if you have very good internet speeds, you won’t encounter a lot of those issues, especially if you connect your device via the Ethernet port and not over WiFi.


The Biggest drawbacks!….frequent version updates!…while this is a good thing in itself, installing a new version is not automatic, while your current version that you are presently using will automatically update the bug fixes. It will not automatically upgrade to the new version that is available and you will not be notified automatically of the new version that is available.


Example, if you are using V.17, you will automatically get bug fixes and repository updates for V.17. However, you won’t get automatically notified that V.18 is available. Especially if you are using it on your Android box, Amazon or your Roku device and especially if your google account is not connected on your TV box (which is most of us). So you would have to download the APK from the website and then install it to your device. However, that is easily done with the browser on your device itself.




With the Kodi Android app installed on your streaming device, your TV experience gets a lot more exciting with over 960 additional Add-Ons to choose from. Most of the content that is available on it is absolutely free. You will get access to the latest news and entertainment programming from all around the world with no copyright infringement to worry about.

The Kodi community is open source, so new content gets added all the time within the repository.


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  1. Very cool and efficient way of finding the entertainment anyone is looking for. Your description makes me wonder about the ROKU I purchased a few months ago. While it does not get me all the shows I watch, it is handy when it comes to entertain our grand kids. I do like how you laid this out looks great and fits well into your promotions. It seems to me there are all kinds of products that do the same thing, but then again, I am behind the modern xbox tools that are out on the market.

    • thanks very much Xavier…i try to write so that ordinary person can understand and try leave out the industry jargon that confuses people

  2. My husband and I have been considering getting rid of the cable TV and using online. He likes sports, especially women’s college softball at this time of year. Do you know if this app offers much sports?

    • So the only Add-on that am aware of right now is the NBC sport network which streams live content, all the others just give you recorded programs. However, there are other options that are available. I think college softball is on ESPN and this App does not have live espn broadcast. you can check out Slingtv, Directv NOW or Youtube TV and see which package offer those sports channels..there will be a subscription fee..they are way cheaper than cable, no contracts…i hope i answered your question..thanks so much for reading my blog..feel free to ask any more question that you may have.

  3. Hello there Oneil,
    Wow, this is neat. I have never heard of this before. It just goes to show how technology is constantly on the move. You squint, and before your re-open your eyes, there is a new software or a new anything.
    Thanks for sharing and I will check this out.

  4. One thing I heard about the Android boxes that run Kodi is that they can’t display Netflix HD content in the Netflix app on the boxes. Something to do with Google not paying for the license to be able to show Netflix HD content.

    I installed Kodi on my PC and played around with for a while. While it’s a very slick app, the content for it was problematic as you point out. I was looking for some HD content to play but the links to it were always dud. SD content played fine though.

    Personally, I’d only buy a Kodi box if it also played Netflix HD. The Android OS is out. So that leaves Linux as an alternative OS. Do you know of any commercial boxes that run on Linux?

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